Ptec Lights – 4 Types to Choose From


Whether you’re a hunter, fisherman, camper, or just a person who likes to use the outdoors, you’re sure to find a Ptec light that suits your needs. There are several types available, including Coast FL75, Vitchelo V800, Ledlenser NEO, and ZebraLight H53Fw.
Princeton Tec Axis

Designed with modern rechargeable battery technology, the Axis rechargeable headlamp produces consistent light output in a variety of temperatures. This headlamp is also water-resistant to IPX4 standards, which makes it ideal for splashing, and it can run up to 179 hours on a single charge. The Axis has an ambidextrous button, making it easy to operate, and the dial around the on/off button makes it easy to adjust the light output.

This headlamp also features a red ultrabright light mode that preserves night vision. It also comes with a one-inch wide elastic headband that can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing you to choose how you want the light to shine.
Vitchelo V800

Despite its modest price tag, the Vitchelo V800 is a well designed headlamp. It offers a decent amount of light for the money, as well as three brightness levels. The headlamp comes with a belt loop and a small carrying case. It also comes with a warranty and weatherproofing.

The Vitchelo V800 isn’t the only headlamp out there, but it’s worth checking out. elements of a Strobe Training Glasses from Princeton Tec is another lightweight option, with a 3.2 oz weight and a 78-foot range. It also has an infrared option and a 205 lumen output. The Vizz’s other high-tech features include a lock mode and a blue, green, and infrared light modes.
Ledlenser NEO

Introducing Ledlenser’s NEO series of lights, a line of headlamps designed for the fast-paced sports of parkour, skating, and running. With high output and high-tech features, these lights make for a great choice. With a maximum output of 600 lumens, the NEO10R can shine for six hours on a single charge, and will give you a good 20-50 feet range for your night time adventures.

In addition to its output, the NEO10R is also one of the lightest lights on the market, at just over 4.5 oz. It also features an IPX4 water-resistant body, a focus spot or flood light, and an extra-long battery life.
Coast FL75

Whether you are a hunter, a camper, or a hiker, you need to have a reliable headlamp on hand. Headlamps are lightweight and portable, and allow you to shine light wherever you go. They can be used for a wide range of activities, and are essential for late-night fishing or camping. They are also useful for checking bags and setting camera settings.

A Coast FL75 headlamp is a solid option. It’s IPX4 rated and water-resistant, and features a long-reaching spot beam and a fixed red LED light. It also has a transition halo, which is great for illuminating small areas and increasing your effective viewing area. It’s also equipped with a reflective headband strap, which is important for safety.
ZebraLight H53Fw

Unlike the average AA headlamp, the Zebralight H53Fw offers a well balanced mix of flood and spot modes. It has a nominal CCT of 4400 kelvin and is capable of outperforming its 500 lm cousin with a mere 285 lumens.

Aside from the impressive light output, there are many other features to consider. For example, if you’re a hunting enthusiast, you may want to go with a flashlight with a higher CRI in neutral white, such as the H52w. As for the red light, you can get your hands on a few models that allow you to switch from white to red mode without having to unlatch the white mode.
Princeton Tec Remix / Plus / Rechargeable

Whether you’re on the job or out for a night’s ride, you’ll be able to see what you’re doing thanks to the Princeton Tec Remix / Plus / Rechargeable lights. These rechargeable lights use an Ultrabright LED to produce smooth white light. They also feature a long-throw spotlight. the Strobe Sport blog are ideal for nighttime search and rescue. They are also dimmable, allowing you to conserve battery power.

The Remix headlamp is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. The battery pack features a micro USB charger port. It also has a rear flasher for increased visibility. This rechargeable headlamp can run on three AAA batteries, or it can be recharged via the Micro USB connector. It’s also waterproof to a depth of one meter.

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